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Posted by Mark Bohdanyk on October 24, 2021

You’ve profiled the manufacturing job you are wanting to fill as per our last best practices discussion here, so now what?  The answer is marketing the job.  This is where a lot of companies stumble.  According to SHRM, hiring a diverse workforce is the number three item of importance AND concern by most recruiting leaders in most companies (behind #1 sifting through too many candidates, which we will discuss next week and #2 making onsite work environments safe). 

Manufacturing faces an even larger challenge in that not only is it male-dominated, but according to the Manufacturing Institute, over one quarter of its workers are over 55.

Many companies say they want to hire diverse candidates, but push/market their jobs to places that only cater to certain demographics. 

We work with and have performed a comprehensive study of most partner platforms out there, so you and your team can be informed where you should post and promote your jobs to meet your diversity goals.  You can find that study here – Reach for Diversity in Your Hiring

This will give you a clear path to where you may want to market your position to reach your diversity goals.  However, in a perfect world, you will have partnered with someone who leverages volume and relationships to provide some or all of these marketing options at reduced pricing for you.

The last thing I want to mention about marketing your manufacturing job ad, is that you should be adding video to every job description.   Our internal statistics show that job descriptions with video receive 12% more views, 34% more conversions from candidates to applicants and stayed an additional 487% longer on the job description, with average time spent increasing from 55 seconds to 5 minutes and 23 seconds. 

Does that mean you need to film something specific for each job?  Absolutely not.  But if you have anything that discusses the people, culture and why folks are excited to work for the company every day, that would be ideal.  If you don’t have anything like that, video about the company itself and its goals/plans/ideals make a great second choice.  We've embedded the second type above as an example - at the very least it gives the applicant some form of idea of how they will be contributing to what the company creates.

Between profiling your job and then leveraging marketing the job to meet your goals, you've frontloaded your position for success.  But what happens when you're *too* successful?  Recruiters say "I don't have time to sort through thousands of applicants!"  And they're right.  So how do you deal with job marketing success?  Stay tuned...  

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