Profiling of careers versus jobs in manufacturing

Posted by Mark Bohdanyk on October 04, 2021

Almost half - 49% - of manufacturing recruiters said that losing candidates to other manufacturing employers was one of their top hiring challenge.  This is why building a positive candidate experience is incredibly important in the manufacturing industry.  What are the easiest ways to do this and retain those top tier candidates?  Read on and we will do a deep dive...

1. What's your compelling employee value proposition?

Right now, the biggest issue in manufacturing is skill gap - 61% of manufacturing recruiters said that lack of skilled/qualified candidates was the biggest obstacle they faced.  So losing *any* identified, qualified candidates to your competitors is the last thing you want in this environment.

Does your company encourage workers to imagine a future with your company?  What benefits, paid training, opportunities to grow, commitments to diversity and inclusion, as well as community initiatives do you offer?  Are these listed anywhere in your job description?  If not, look for your candidates to be entertaining jobs with other manufacturing candidates that do promote these things as part of their hiring experience.  We talk a little more below about profiling the jobs you need to fill, which is incredibly important.  But painting a bigger picture for candidates inside the job description of how they can see themselves learning and growing with the company is more important to communicate than ever.

2. Improving BOTH quality of hire AND time to hire.

Manufacturing companies need solid, qualified, skilled candidates to fill gaps in their assembly lines.  Of manufacturing recruiters, 63% identified quality of hire as their most important metric.  But when there are open gaps on the assembly line, they need to be filled quickly, as well.

Properly profiling your job can help speed up your time to hire, by using technology to pre-screen candidates to make sure that your team is only spending time working with the qualified applicants you seek.

If you and your hiring managers and recruiters have profiled your jobs well, (see article here) then creating a set of screening questions to screen in the people you DO want and screen out the people you don't want should be easy to create. 

3. Utilizing Technology

If your Hiring Automation Platform supports weighted, multiple choice screening questions that can be administered by the built in AI, while your team focuses on interviewing, negotiating, offering and closing the hire; all the better!

Utilizing technology that will both source candidates as well as perform an initial screening saves you and your team time, meaning a faster time to hire *while* maintaining your quality of hire.  It's a win-win scenario!

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