Posted by Mark Bohdanyk on June 21, 2021

Last week, we discussed how to know your offer to a candidate will be accepted here, so this week's part of the conversation was the final step.  "So once we make the hire, how do we make sure we repeat this successfully?"  She asked.  "Then it's time for Hiring CSI," I said; with Who are you.. who who, who who? echoing in the background in my head.  I mimed snapping latex gloves onto my hands.

"It's time... for a post mortem."

"The storm has passed; all the hard work is done, right?  You've made the hire!  Unfortunately, more work is still to come.  Right now, you're just in the eye of the storm.  You need to send hiring surveys out, collect that data and make sure you've followed up with everyone.  Once you've done that; the best way to make sure you have a consistent, repeatable hiring process is to perform a post mortem; look back at what you did, identify what was right, what was wrong (give yourself permission to fail forward) and make adjustments."
There are a few things you'll want to look at when doing a hiring post-mortem.
  1. Was the job profiled effectively/thoroughly and a good love letter written to the person wanted?
  2. Did you not only utilize job boards, but also your own internal workforce having each person share the job to their social networks, creating a mini-viral campaign for your open position?
  3. Was the technology or hiring/recruiting partners you've invested in used successfully?  Were there areas that could be addressed to improve outcomes?
  4. Was every applicant followed up with and treated like a potential customer, stakeholder or shareholder?  If not, how can this be improved?
  5. Were the right interview questions asked?  Is anyone sitting in on interviews to help interviewers grow?
  6. Have you reviewed all feedback from hiring surveys provided to candidate and hiring manager?  (surveys are a must - are they part of you or your hiring partners' standard workflow?)
  8. Follow up with the hires after 90 days to find out whether the job met the expectation from the hiring process and check how they are producing for the company.  Identify common traits amongst your top performers and work that into your love letters for similar positions/departments.
I'm not going to lie.  Most companies don't do post mortems on their hiring, even though they should.  Why don't they do post mortems?  Because HR owns it, and most people see HR as a non-revenue-generating division.  Except it is the most direct department related to impacting the bottom line growing or contracting.  Each hire either costs the company money (underperforming) or makes the company money (hitting goals/exceeding performance standards).  And HR owns that.  This is part of the issue in that not only has the process of hiring and recruiting not changed in 60 years, but the mindset hasn't changed, either.  
A poor hire can cost the company thousands - if not tens of thousands - of dollars.  A good hire can make the company far more.  And a repeatable, successful hiring process can be the differentiator for your executive team and company that keeps it successful where others fail.

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