Recruiting hasn't changed in 60 years - discover how to evolve your hiring

Posted by Mark Bohdanyk on July 06, 2021

Let's face it, the process of recruiting and hiring hasn't really changed since the end of World War II.  Yes, the pandemic pushed *some* companies forwards towards digitalization of their processes, but even so, the process itself still hasn't changed much.  How can you evolve your own internal processes to create a predictable, successful hiring process you can replicate between your different departments?  Read on!

1. From physical to digital, but mindful.
99% of Fortune 500 companies use an Applicant Tracking System, and many smaller employers have embraced them as well.
However, to truly succeed in the current hiring environment, it's not enough to just make the leap from physical to digital.  Companies need to have a mindfulness about ease of use from an applicant standpoint.  Here are three tips to make your process stand out.
1. Make sure your ATS doesn't require people who uploaded a resume to go through and enter all the same information again directly after uploading.  Making your process convoluted is the fastest way to increase application dropoff rates.  Many people see rates jump from around 5% (legacy ATS that requires reentry of data) to 70-80% for ones that don't require candidates to reenter data.
2. Optimize your application process for mobile.  
For the first time last year, mobile applications surpassed desktop applications, with 61% of candidates applying by phone.  So if your application process is hard to navigate by phone, this will also lead to higher application dropoff rates.
3. Use video
According to our own internal data, job landing pages with video get 12% more views, 34% more applicants and 487% longer viewing times.  More views, candidates stay longer and more people apply.  'Nuff said.
2. Make quantifications your top priority over qualifications.
People are more complex than ever.  With the average recruiter spending just 6 seconds looking at a resume, most recruiters aren't doing what's best for the company.  Profiling your open positions is more critical than ever to find out what you need for the jobs, and take the approach when looking at resumes of who can best fit that role.  If the recruiter (and the hiring manager) doesn't understand what needs to be done for that person to be successful in the position - then how can you possibly fill it regardless of a person's degree or what school they went to?
3. Make sure you're asking the right question / references / are people bringing them along through their career?
We referenced this secret interviewing question a few weeks ago to find the right candidate - the very heart of it is are people seeing something in this person and pulling them forward through their career?  If yes, that generally means that the person not only has people skills, but generally other skills that make people want them on their team.
These three questions can help you evolve your hiring and recruiting process into something predictable and repeatable for success.

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