Post-pandemic, everyone needs to face that adding video is more important for your job descriptions than ever

Posted by Mark Bohdanyk on September 09, 2021

Last week, we discussed how the job market in the US is still recovering from the pandemic - hitting a record-high unemployment rate of 15% in 2020, now at 6% -- still double what it was pre-pandemic.

We also discussed how writing a love letter to the person you want to hire both screens in the right people, and people who aren't a good fit for the job will screen themselves out.  But there is another incredibly important part for your job descriptions that also screens people in and increases conversion rates dramatically - video.

Most ATS platforms will tell you that videos in job descriptions cannot be supported, or if they do accommodate it, there is a material extra charge to do so, so check with your service.  We believe video is a necessary tool to attract the right people, and as such it is included free on the HireMojo Hiring Automation Platform.

Why is video so important?  What do the stats actually look like? Read on...

Let's start with the hard facts.  According to our own internal data, corroborated by CareerBuilder, for job descriptions with videos, applicants view more, stay longer and convert more.  What does that mean in metrics?  12% more applicants view the job description, they stay 487% longer and convert (apply) 34% more.

Not to mention that video can convey things that are hard to put into words, like company culture; showing charitable missions/endeavors your company participates in and employee experiences.

Even if your organization doesn't have video directly designed for hiring, if it's something that talks about your organization, highlights it or showcases it in some way; even a sales explainer video to help applicants understand what you do - this adds to the idea of speaking directly to the person you wish to hire.

Next week, we will be discussing building the right questions to screen in and screen out all these new potential applicants.

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