Learn how to mindfully expand employer branding to include empathy and actions to get a leg up

Posted by Mark Bohdanyk on August 09, 2021

We are all still in the midst of a pandemic, and we've already seen employer branding shift to address that; employers are being more communicative about future plans (remote work, office time, safety precautions for those with offices).  However, with many office times being reduced or phased out completely, it is expected that recruiting leaders will focus on employer branding in a new, radically different way...

Instead of showcasing a company's perks and amenities, it makes the most sense that employers will attract candidates through what the company is doing to support employees, clients and communities when there is a crisis.  

Candidates AND customers are looking for companies to take stronger stances on social issues.  The way companies market and practice empathy - from acts of kindness to working with nonprofits to offering assistance to pay employees' school or volunteer time - all of these things will heavily influence a candidate's impression.  And that impression starts with the recruiters.

Companies and recruiters will have to be more empathetic in understanding what candidates may be going through and adjust their outreach styles and methods accordingly. 

Employees and potential candidates feel that empathy is one of the key components missing in today's workplace.  According to the 2021 State of Workplace Empathy Study, only 1 in 4 employees believed there was a "sufficient" amount of empathy in their organizations.

But empathy in the workplace needs to be well defined, or it begins to fall apart.  And for empathy in the workplace to succeed, the understanding has to go both ways.  If a company makes a promise, the employees are going to expect the company to follow through.  The danger lies in the fact that employees can make mistakes - employers should be able to make mistakes as well.  It's how it is addressed and fixed moving forward that should be the telling measure.

How your company advertises its empathy AND accountability can help make candidates more likely to empathize and apply with your organization.

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