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Posted by Mark Bohdanyk on July 23, 2021

One of the questions that was sent to me after our recent best practices series formed from a discussion with one of my friends was this:

"You mentioned a Hiring Automation Platform verus an ATS (Applicant Tracking System.  What's the difference?" --Rosanna C.

Read on, and we'll break it down by the numbers...

An ATS is a piece of software that collects information about applicants for your jobs and organizes it for your team to work through.  However, just like people, no two applicant tracking systems are the same.  
The main end goal of an ATS is to help your team digitize, organize and streamline your hiring process.  However, ATS technology has been around since the 1980s, and over time many of them have become additive products.  The core functionality was a certain set of rules, but then customers or owners decided to add additional products Y and Z.  Because of this, some applicant systems require candidates to upload a resume, and then fill in the same information again.  Some ATS offer screening of candidates, some don't.  Some integrate with job boards and some do not.  
A Hiring Automation Platform (HAP) is different because it is designed with the overall hiring process in mind from its creation - using the latest technologies like AI, giving you the ability to use data to drive and evolve your process and the ability to better integrate with your business.  Yes, features can be added, but the goal is to build a workflow that both makes sense and maximizes you and your team's efficiency out of the gate.
HireMojo is the world's first HAP, and we looked at existing ATS technology from a holistic design standpoint, and then made our entire platform to solve the pain points that hiring professionals were constantly encountering with their existing technology ATS.  "How can I find the right person - faster, easier and less expensively?"
For example, highlighting your pain of finding the right applicants, we built multiple language support and video directly into our platform.  We make embedded code for your careers page that automatically lists new jobs when they open, and remove them when they close.  Need to publish to an intranet as well?  We've got you covered.
On top of that, the entire candidate experience uses your branding (HireMojo works transparently in the background) to help emphasize your values and mission.  

We let our constantly learning and improving AI determine the best places to advertise your jobs based on a matrix of job level, title, location and partners to automatically market your jobs to the best places, if you want that push for your jobs.  
Referrals are also one of the most important places companies get candidates from, so we treat referrers like human beings, with Mo, our RecruiterBot AI automatically providing updates as the person they referred moves through the process.  And if you have a formal referral program in place, that can all be tracked from within the platform.
We know one of the hardest tasks for recruiters is sifting through all the applicants to find the right ones.  That's why we built a thoughtful process of allowing you to truly profile your jobs and add patented processes for initial and secondary screening questions.  Mo screens candidates while you are doing more important things like interviewing and making offers.
When your team is ready to start hiring, they are only looking at qualified candidates, right out of the box.  Since we don't charge per seat, this means anyone and everyone you want to have ownership, visibility and transparency for the hiring process can have it.
As we mentioned, we built HireMojo's HAP with a thoughtful mindset towards expanding your needs, as well.  What happens if you need an external recruiter for a specific role?  HireMojo's HAP is automatically integrated with RecruiterShare to connect you with a ranked, rated and vetted top-tier recruiter at the fraction of a traditional agency.  There's no other platform in the world that offers this kind of seamless upgrade.
Lastly, unlike most other ATS solutions, we know the hiring process doesn't end with making the hire.  Hiring manager surveys, candidate surveys and candidate follow-up is all automated by Mo, meaning your team has less administrative work to take care of.
We are disrupting the marketplace by addressing everyone's other pain point - budget.  Our HAP plans start as small as $170/mo (that's not a typo) because small to medium size businesses need room to both grow AND make great hires.
With full OFCCP and EEOC data collection and reporting, a full reporting suite of capabilities and the ability to automate remarketing for evergreen positions and access to a knowledgebase of successfully filled jobs and interview questions with scoring, HireMojo's Hiring Automation Platform is one of the most comprehensive answers to the question: "How can I make hiring easier?"
If you would like to see for yourself how HireMojo can help resolve YOUR hiring pain, simply click here to set up a demo.

Who are we?  HireMojo with RecruiterShare is a diverse team of individuals with over 65 years of combined hiring experience.  We use our knowledge and know-how to help companies hire faster, easier and less expensively, while utilizing AI and software learning to reduce the amount of time it takes on all sides of the hiring equation.  We design tools to help allow you to concentrate on the human parts of hiring – interviewing, negotiating and making the hire.  Learn more about HireMojo here.  We also design tools to help you expand your team by matching you with recruiters willing to administrate your entire hiring process at a fraction of traditional agencies.  Learn more about RecruiterShare here.

Michelene Moayedi of HeadsUp Public Education Foundation says:
HireMojo is an instrumental tool in our annual hiring.  The reach and exposure it provides generates far more candidates for our hard-to-hire positions than we would have access to otherwise.  In addition, the candidate screening allows me to jump to the best people quickly, saving me precious time for the core activities of my job.

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