Are you needing help with hiring, but tired of the difficulty in finding quality partners?

Posted by Hiremojo on April 19, 2021

Searching online, you'll find that the hiring space is extremely oversaturated with tools of the month, agencies and vendors who claim to be the best, but how do you know which one is a quality partner?

Here are the top three items you should search for as you consider expanding your hiring outreach.

#1. Are you tired of working with companies who aren’t a true partner?
If you are investing time and money into a business relationship, you want someone that is willing to go the extra mile and communicates consistently and clearly with you and your team.  Are they willing to set scheduled check ins? Provide transparency on applicants? Keep open and immediate lines of communication?  These are things that will ensure success for your hiring efforts.

#2. Are you tired of working with people who don’t know your local markets?
No matter what industry you are in, you want someone who is familiar with the areas you are hiring in and able to source from those communities.  San Francisco has both a different payscale and living considerations compared to Boston, Massachusetts – which is an even farther cry from Boston, England.  Whether or not you are a multinational company or organization, you want a partner who understands what candidates want and need in those areas, can speak the language and can source locally - no matter where you are hiring.

#3. Are recruiting costs bringing a tear to your CFO’s eye?
Ideally, you want to find a partner that provides quality service, but doesn’t charge enough to hamstring your bottom line.  Agencies can charge anywhere from 20-35% of the first year’s salary of a hire (so if you’re looking at filling a $100k/yr position, you can expect to pay $20-35k just for that singular hire), and generally give you no transparency into their candidate selection process.  Contingency recruiters require nothing up front, but a similar cost structure as an agency if you do make the hire from their pool of candidates.  They will throw as many candidates at you as possible – who may not fit what you’re looking for – burning up even more of your valuable time.

Look for a partner that can be a part of your team, communicates regularly and provides transparency into candidates and the process used to gather those candidates, are able to locally source candidates globally and help keep your CFO happy (happy tears are fine!) by providing excellent service at a reasonable price.

What hiring challenges are you currently facing?  Let us know below and we will do our best to point you in the right direction.

Who are we?  HireMojo with RecruiterShare is a diverse team of individuals with over 65 years of combined hiring experience.  We use our knowledge and know-how to help companies hire faster, easier and less expensively, while utilizing AI and software learning to reduce the amount of time it takes on all sides of the hiring equation.  We design tools to help allow you to concentrate on the human parts of hiring – interviewing, negotiating and making the hire.  Learn more about HireMojo here.  We also design tools to help you expand your team by matching you with recruiters willing to administrate your entire hiring process at a fraction of traditional agencies.  Learn more about RecruiterShare here.

Brian Vogel of sensibleHR says:
Like its parent HireMojo, RecruiterShare, is changing the landscape of recruiting. I have referred their services repeatedly to sensibleHR's clients and the level of high-touch service along with the speedy delivery of a premier candidate pool has been nothing short of jaw-dropping. Sure the initial mind-boggling low cost may be the initial hook, but it is the service from the stable of recruiters and quality candidates that drive the loyalty and high satisfaction. 

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