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Posted by Mark Bohdanyk on May 24, 2021

Last week, we gave specific examples of screening questions and how using job profiling will help your jobs succeed here, so this week continuing on the thread of my discussion with my HR friend, it was at this point she turned to me and said "How do you know all this?"

To be honest, HR was not my native field.  I came from the credit union financial world, and I explained this to her.  I learned all of these lessons the hard way.  Some of them were from hiring/firing in my previous life; but most of them were learned through design of HireMojo and RecruiterShare, and seeing what our clients had issues with on a daily basis.  What I learned over time was data-driven tools combined with a talent-driven recruiter process yields quantitatively better results.  Combine that with a collaborative environment that helps both recruiters and companies, and it's a win-win.
She looked at me and said "Ok, but what did you learn to lead you to that conclusion?"
I pointed her to our latest client; a large multinational company that is based overseas but was having trouble hiring in Houston.  When we looked at their job description through the lens of our last several articles, it became apparent why they were having issues off the bat.  Their job description was all about "must have, must have, must have."  They engaged with RecruiterShare and the recruiter assigned to them immediately identified that the job was profiled incorrectly and worked with them using the four questions to profile, people were direct sourced and marketed simultaneously using the underlying technology we've built.  
In order to explain this; at that point I thought it would be a good idea to walk her through the process of how we do this in RecruiterShare.
The company went from 0 candidates in three months to 58 in six days, once launched with RecruiterShare.  The goal is to turn each job into a micro viral event.  The candidates came from a combination of different places.  Some were sourced, some were from Glassdoor, LinkedIn, Craigslist, Indeed Sponsored - the point being that in reality, candidates come from different sources. 
Now that the job was getting out there and being marketed, here are the questions the RecruiterShare recruiter developed with the hiring manager before the marketing kicked in, while profiling the job:
I have managed or been involved with the following number of projects that involved the installation, commissioning, servicing or decommissioning of large industrial equipment (e.g. wind turbines, refineries, manufacturing facilities, etc)
This would be a new area for me (25 pts)
1 to 10 projects (75 points)
11 to 20 projects (FWD)
21 to 40 projects (FWD)
over 40 projects (FWD)
The recruiter realized that one of the most important aspects for the role they were filling was that they needed someone with experience, and if they had worked on 11 or more projects, they wanted to talk with that person.  The recruiter also found out that ideally the company wanted someone to potentially train others on electro-mechanical or opto-mechanical instrumentation.  That led to this question:
My ability to troubleshoot electro-mechanical or opto-mechancial instrumentation can best be described as:
I would be new to this type of instrumentation (KO)
I have limited experience (20 points)
I have experience assisting others with troubleshooting; I have not had sole responsibility (50 points)
I have significant experience troubleshooting instrumentation and can handle most problems occurring on such devices (75 points)
I'm a guru on instrumentation and others come to me with the most difficult issues.  I am also certified to train others in this area. (100)
The recruiter worked with the hiring manager to set up eight more initial questions, and then three secondary open-ended questions including "What is the most difficult troubleshooting scenario you've ever worked through?"
Because the recruiter profiled the job, rewrote the job description to answer the four questions we discussed, and then used the RecruiterShare underlaying AI and tools, was able to identify 44 qualified candidates and 13 candidates were screened out.  These candidates were mathematically quantified against the job to help screen out the unqualified applicants. 
This is where the data-driven tools a talent-driven recruiter process uses helps them do their work effectively to partner with companies.
The recruiter then hand-screened 10 more candidates out, leaving 35 qualified candidates, of which they made their hire.
Because RecruiterShare pairs the latest and best tools with proven, vetted and verified recruiters to assist companies fill their jobs, we've created a data-driven, talent-driven process that yields quantitatively better results.  And the best part is we've learned all these lessons the hard way, so you and your company don't have to.
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Who are we?  HireMojo with RecruiterShare is a diverse team of individuals with over 65 years of combined hiring experience.  We use our knowledge and know-how to help companies hire faster, easier and less expensively, while utilizing AI and software learning to reduce the amount of time it takes on all sides of the hiring equation.  We design tools to help allow you to concentrate on the human parts of hiring – interviewing, negotiating and making the hire.  Learn more about HireMojo here.  We also design tools to help you expand your team by matching you with recruiters willing to administrate your entire hiring process at a fraction of traditional agencies.  Learn more about RecruiterShare here.

Brian Vogel of sensibleHR says:
Like its parent HireMojo, RecruiterShare, is changing the landscape of recruiting. I have referred their services repeatedly to sensibleHR's clients and the level of high-touch service along with the speedy delivery of a premier candidate pool has been nothing short of jaw-dropping. Sure the initial mind-boggling low cost may be the initial hook, but it is the service from the stable of recruiters and quality candidates that drive the loyalty and high satisfaction.

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