Afraid automating your hiring will be too expensive? Face the abrupt fact that not using a Hiring Automation Platform can increase hiring costs by 17% or more.

Posted by Mark Bohdanyk on September 13, 2021

This week, a conversation with a CEO inspired this post.  The conversation was centered around the CEO not really understanding the hiring process - or all the steps it entailed.

And we've all been in that position - where one person doesn't understand the hard work and long hours that goes into a job.  So I started breaking that process down for him - and how his team could be working more efficiently by automating some of the work for his team.


1. Creating a love letter job description that will attract the right candidates.   
Whereas most people understand the compliance side of HR, they aren't marketers and don't understand that a carefully crafted approach written to the person you want to hire yields statistically higher results.

With the right Hiring Automation Platform, job descriptions that yielded successful hires will be available to use as a template to customize for your specific situation.

2. Marketing jobs/budgeting for job marketing.
I asked the CEO "What are your hiring diversity goals?  Where would you go to find out the right job boards to post on to meet those goals?  What is your job board budget?  How do you know where the most cost effective job boards are?  

A good Hiring Automation Platform will automatically source candidates on your behalf, figure out the best job boards to post to and allow for your team to turn each of your jobs into a mini viral campaign through social media with a single click.

3. Initial Screening
"How do you know what questions to ask in order to determine if this person is qualified for this position?" I asked the CEO.  The answer was a headshake of "no."  

The right Hiring Automation Platform will support mathematically weighted multiple choice questions and the AI will perform the initial screening of candidates 24/7 (hopefully while you're at home having an adult beverage).  And because the patented scoring system is weighted, almost no two people will be scored the same.  But when your team sits down to start looking at applicants, they will ONLY be looking at qualified candidates.

4. Automated follow up / referrals and referral tracking.  
Submitting a resume online is akin to throwing a letter into a black hole.  A staggering 75% of applicants never hear back from a company after applying, and 60% of applicants never hear back after an interview.

Referrals are the highest single source of quality applicants for companies, represents 40% of all hires.  Yet ask a single person who's ever done a referral if they've been updated as to what's happening with their referral as they move through the hiring process.

The right Hiring Automation Platform will automate all this communication and follow up, building your company's brand to applicants and treating them like the potential shareholders, stakeholders or customers they are.

5. (Why you're really here) Cost.  
Using the right Hiring Automation Platform can reduce your hiring costs by 17%, and reduce HR staff hours by 27%.

Not only will the right Hiring Automation Platform make your team more effective by automating a majority of the administrative work that goes into the hiring process, it will also allow them to concentrate on the human (and most important) parts of hiring - interviewing, making the offer and closing the hire.

By the end of the conversation, the CEO had a bit better understanding of the pain points his team were working through in their hiring processes.  The best part is that the right Hiring Automation Platform will generate reports and metrics that CEOs and CFOs will care about, as well as what the hiring team needs monthly.

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