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You're Welcome... I Just Saved You a Ton of Time!

Mark Bohdanyk
Mark Bohdanyk
Mark Bohdanyk
October 05, 2018
The weekend's not yet here. But you're already having a great day.

...Because I'm about to share a recruiting secret that has saved me weeks & weeks.

In fact, once I discovered it, it changed everything for me. And now, I couldn't live without it.


I decided long ago that I would never again recruit someone without doing exhaustive reference checks (let's just say that I got burnt bigtime, but that's a story for another day).

Research shows that 80% of candidates lie on their resume. And 80% of candidates lie in interviews. 

Sad but true.

So, I've learned to... trust but verify.

Where I went wrong for so many years was falling in love with an amazing candidate, getting to the end of the process, only to find out that they just weren't highly referenceable. 

They couldn't produce many references.

Or the ones they gave me were just so-so (reference rule #7: we're looking only for "raving" references.)

Or not very relevant... some peers & staff members. No managers. A few even gave me relatives.

But by that point, I was sunk. I had invested so much time in the process, was emotionally invested with the candidate, had no backup plan. 

So, I recruited them anyway.

Oy vey.

The 11th hour is the wrong time to find out that your candidate isn't referenceable. Because you & your team have invested (wasted?) a ton of time. And now, when you find out they can't produce real recent references, you're forced with an ugly decision: 

1. let the candidate go & keep looking
2. hire them anyway, and take your chances

I hated both options, so here's the time-saving secret that I learned.

Now, when I recruit, I ask every single candidate on the very first phone-screen who their references will be "if we get to that point in the process."

Their answer is telling.

Because they either: 

- rattle off a ton of names, including all their recent former managers.
- or gulp, stall, stammer, or are just silent. In which case, I have my answer: they are not going to be referenceable.

Which is a non-starter for me.

In that case, I keep looking & don't even invest time with an in-person interview. Because I know that if I do, I may fall in love again & have my heart broken when they reveal that I can't talk with anyone to validate the great tales they've told me.

And - because I've found a huge correlation between referenceability & the quality of the actual references later in the process - asking this one question has saved me (and the rest of the interview team) a ton of time.

It'll save you too. 

Ask it on the first call, and -unless you're convinced that you'll be able to speak with most of their former managers from the past 10 years- skip it and keep looking.

Want to save even more time?

Then, I think you'll love this:

Today, I'm unveiling my free video Masterclass. In it, I reveal even more things I've learned in 25 years of recruiting Rockstars. 

The first video is 6 minutes long. And I promise it will save you exponentially more time than that.

Not to mention... avoiding the bad hires that'll hold you back.

Let me know what you think of it.

Never settle,

p.s. In the video, I explain why so many hires go bad. It's so easily avoided. 

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