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I voted for you.

November 06, 2018
I voted for you because I believe in you.

I believe that you really care about hiring the best.

And -just as on Election Day- we have a major decision to make each time we recruit someone to our business.

In fact, there are a ton of similarities between choosing a candidate for your company and choosing a candidate for your Senate or House or Governor.

(Plus, there's one HUUUUUUUGE difference.)


You wouldn't choose a political candidate for office based on their slick television commercials. Nor should you hire a candidate based on their résumé (research shows that 80% contain lies).

You wouldn't choose a political candidate for office based on what they promise they'll do in a debate. You look at their track record so far. 

Nor should you hire a candidate based on what they say.  Instead, you look at the impact they've made at the places they've been.

You wouldn't choose a candidate for office based on how many kids they have, or their campaign slogan, or any other irrelevant criteria.

Instead, you study their track record, understand what they're made of, and then reasonably assume that their pattern of behavior will continue.

And that's the same way it works with candidates when you hire. 

You choose based on the things that matter.

Now, the one big difference between choosing a political candidate & a job candidate...

On Election Day, you must vote. You must check that box -or poke that hole- or pull that lever. (Technically, you could skip it but a candidate will get the job by the end of this evening.)

In recruiting, you can wait. 

You can wait for the right candidate to come along. You can keep a position open for weeks or months -or quarters- until you find the right one. A candidate who has both the right Competencies & the right DNA.

Yes, it's painful to keep that position open ... but it's far less painful than cleaning up the mess of a bad hire.

I've kept positions open for months until finding the right candidate. And my top-performers thanked me for not burdening them with a dud.

Elect to hire only the best. 

Here's how to do it. 
Never settle,


p.s. It's easy to find a politician or a candidate who looks good on paper. Here's how to figure out what they're really made of. 

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